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‘Content and Consequences’ focuses on creators who blur the lines between producer, writer, director, and actor. Featuring live readings of pilot extracts and interviews with successful creatives, this podcast explores the process and aftermath of developing content. To showcase what we learn from celebrating our failures and overcoming obstacles.

“Making Markum” Will Satisfy Your Itch for a Rule-Breaking, Amoral Anti-Hero
Brothers Code – Preview
Button Smash Episode 14: Halloween Game Show
Creative Writer (Prose)
CyberPunk 2077 Meltdown, Nintendo Direct, Holidays
CyberPunk Hacked a Crash Bandicoots Kingdom Heart
CyberPunk2077 DMCA, Video Game Awards, HBO Max, Mandalorian
E49: Tundo Part 5, She-Hulk Reactions, LOTR vs House of Dragons Preview
E50: Data Decoded ‘Minority Report’, ‘Rings of Power’ vs ‘House of the Dragon’
E51: ‘Seila Fire’ #5, D23, Emmys Reactions
EA Games loses exclusive deal as Lucasfilm Games rises
EP 01: Black Widow No More, Westworld S3 Ep1 Review, March Movie Madness: Best DC Films
EP 02: March Movie Madness: DC Films, Westworld vs Game of Thrones, Diamond Vs Comic Shops
EP 03: Wonder Woman 1984, Morbius Delayed, Joker vs Joker with Fabian Nicieza, DC Saves Comics?
Ep 04: Marvel Phase 4 Delayed, March Movie Madness: DC Films Final Four
EP 05: Todd McFarlane’s Controversial Plan To Save Comics, Bloodshot Retro Review, JJ Abrams, Dune, and More
Ep 06: ComicCon No More, Batman On The Move, Daredevil In The MCU & The Best Binge Worthy Franchises
Ep 07: Avengers: Endgame One Year Later, New Star Wars Drops Early, Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Review
EP 08: Force Awakens, Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker Reviewed As One, Clone Wars Finale
Ep 09: Rogue Retro: Iron Man Review, Mandalorian Casting News, The Batman and more!
EP 10: Snyder Cut Released, Snowpiercer Soars, Temple of Doom Retro Review
Ep 11: Snyder Cut Sets Bad Precedent, Fifth Element Retro Review, Comic Con Lives
EP 12: Henry Cavill Superman Return? Snyder Cut vs Suicide Squad Ayers Cut, Solo 2, Best X-Teams
EP 13: Bill & Ted 3 Trailer ‘Truth or Trash,’ DC Ditches Diamond, Catwoman’s Bat-Baby
EP 14: Biggest June Blockbusters, WW84 Delayed, Virtual Cons Announced & X-Men: Blue vs Gold
Ep 15: Michael Keaton’s Bat-Return, Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol and Batman Returns Retro Review
Ep 16: The Boys Vs Doom Patrol Vs Umbrella Academy, Warrior Nun’s Pat Shand
Ep 17: Best Batman Debate: Affleck vs Keaton vs Bale, Doom Patrol S1+2 Review
EP 18: Warrior Nun Creator Simon Barry, Season One Review, X-Men 20th Anniversary
Ep 19: Kevin Bacon Interview, Old Guard Review, New Mutants, Star Wars News
Ep 20: Cursed Review, ComicCon@Home recap, New Mutants, Bill & Ted 3, Todd McFarlane Documentary
EP 21: Umbrella Academy S2 Review, Boys S2 Trailer, Sniper: Assassins End Cast and Director!
EP 22: Umbrella Academy S2+S3, Tron 3, DC Fandom, X-Men Animated and NYCC No More
EP 23: Tyler Mane & Renae Geerlings, Project Power Review, Agents of SHIELD finale
EP 24: DC FanDome Trailer Showdown: Wonder Woman 84 vs The Batman vs JL Snyder Cut
Ep 25: A Tribute to Chadwick Boseman, Bill and Ted 3 Review & New Mutants Review
Ep 26: Baby Yoda is BACK, The Boys S2 is Bloody Good, Batman Has COVID & Keanu Reeves Pisses Off Comic Fans
EP 27: Mandalorian Trailer Review, Dune Trailer Review, Tenet Movie Review
EP 28: Wandavision Trailer Review, Watchmen Emmys Recap, The Boys S2 Review
EP 29: The Greatest Pop Culture Debates of All Time, The Boys Spinoff, MCU News & More
EP 30: Spider-Man 3 Jaime Foxx Electro, The Boys Ep 7 Recap and Dune, Batman, Bond News
EP 31: Spider-Man 3 Tobey McGuire Andrew Garfield Rumors With Jeff Gomez The Boys S2 Reaction
EP 32: Mandalorian S2 Special Look, Cast of ‘6:45’, She-Hulk/ Spiderman 3 Casting News
EP 33: ‘Helstrom’ Review, Jared Leto Joker, Oscar Issac Moon Knight, Monster Squad, Chris Arrant
Ep 34: Mandalorian vs Boba Fett, Chapter 9 Review, An Ode To Connery, Suicide Squad Ayer Cut
EP 36: Wonder Woman HBO Max, SnyderCut Trailer 2 Truth or Trash, Mandalorian Chapter 11 Reaction, Max
EP 37: Deadpool 3 News, The Worst MCU Film Ever, Mandalorian Chapter 12, Video Game Jeopardy
EP 38: Queen’s Gambit, Baby Yoda Name Controversy, Mandalorian Reaction, Todd’s Tidbits
EP 39: Should Disney Give Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni the “Keys to Star Wars”?
Ep 40: Who Won the Disney Investor Day: Star Wars or Marvel?
Ep 41: Is Mandalorian the Best Star Wars Since 1983?
EP 42: The Great (or not so great?) ‘Wonder Woman 1984′ Experiment
Ep 43: How Many Batman(s) Is Too Many? Inside the DCEU Multiverse
EP 44: WandaVision & The Best TV Pilots We’ve Ever Seen
EP 45: WandaVision vs SnyderCut: Why Disney+ Is So Far Ahead Of All Streaming Services, Including Netflix
EP 46: Does WandaVision Redeem ‘Age of Ultron’: A Retro Review
EP 47: WandaVision Vs Avengers Endgame – Who Does The Blip Better?
EP 48: WandaVision What That Ending Means For The Multiverse [SPOILERS]
EP 49: SnyderCut Fatigue Is Real and the WB Has It Already
EP 50: It Was ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ All Along
EP 51: Wandavision Finale: Are We Fan Theory’ing Ourselves to Death
EP 52: The Wandavision Series Finale Gave Us A Boehner
EP 53: SnyderCut and the Fall of Joss Whedon
EP 54: SynderCut Justice League vs Falcon and the Winter Soldier
EP 55: Justice League vs 300 vs Watchmen vs Dawn of the Dead
EP 56: Is ‘Godzilla Vs Kong’ The Best Versus Movie Ever? Is Dancing Zemo The Best Meme Ever?
EP 57: Falcon and Winter Soldier: What If You Were The Showrunner?
Ep 58: The Marvel Shang-Chi Trailer is FIRE
EP 59: Falcon and Winter Soldier Finale Reaction With Button Smash
Ep 60: The Bad Batch Star Wars Day Recap
Ep 61: Jupiter’s Legacy Review With Tyler Mane
Ep 62: Gates McFadden Investigates Rogue Wav
Ep 63: Army of the Dead Review, Brian Volk-Weiss ‘Toys That Made Us’ Interview
Ep 64: Summer Movie, TV & Comics Preview
Ep 65: Loki Ep 1 Review: Bored or On Board? [SPOILERS]
Ep 66: Batman’s Face Game, Loki Ep 2 Review, Actor Jason Tobias
Ep 67: Is Loki Falling Into The Genre Trap?
EP 68: Loki(s) and Variants and Gators Oh My!
EP 69: Black Widow and Loki Season Finale Review
EP 70: Supergirl’s Christopher Showerman Interview
Ep 71: He-Man, Ghostbusters and the 80s Nostalgia Wave
Ep 72: Black Widow vs Disney vs Kevin Feige 🔥
EP 73: Did ‘Suicide Squad’ Redefine The Superhero Movie?
EP 74: Robin Comes Out, Hickman eXits, What If? Changes the Game
EP 77: Robin Comes Out, Hickman eXits, What If? Changes the Game
Episode 1: Ghost of Tsushima
Episode 10: Spiderman reaction, Smash Bros Minecraft, Game Delays, Animal Crossing
Episode 11: Star Wars Squadrons Review, Nintendo Lawsuit, Resident Evil reboot, PS5 Breakdown
Episode 12: Games that broke boundaries and went ROGUE
Episode 13: AOC on Twitch, Monster Hunter Reaction, Google Stadia/Twitch DMCA
Episode 2: PlayStation State of Play
Episode 3: CyberPunk 2077, Fall Guys, Halo, Warzone, Epic
Episode 4: Nintendo Showcase, Wukong, DC Fandome, Tsushima DLC
Episode 5: Call of Duty actor Chad Michael Collins
Episode 6: NVIDIA Showcase, DC Fandome Games, Nintendo Direct
Episode 7: Xbox Series X, Ubisoft gaming showcase, Nintendo Hyrule
Episode 8: PS5 Showcase Reaction, Star Wars Squadrons, Epic v Apple and more!
Episode 9: Amazon Luna reaction, Dragon’s Dogma review, Microsoft Bethesda
Fall Release Sneak Peek: Making Markum
GameStop Tik Tok, Miles Morales, Star Wars
GameStop Wolves of Wall Street
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