About The EPISODE:

PODCAST | EP 59: “You’ve Got To Do Better” – well… did they? We break down the finale of the uneven #FalconandWinterSoldier​ series on Disney+ with the guys from Button Smash! Yay Sam! Boo Flagsmashers! Meh John Walker? We discuss it all!

PLUS: We look ahead to the Button Smash May the 4th spectacular: Which Star Wars games cut the mustard? Best lightsaber duels? Best Vehicles? Worst Game? We discuss!

AND: A Tony Stark Revival or Cap 4 News? Mortal Kombat Streams or SnyderCut’s Impact on HBO Max Subs? We give our panel the choice of which pop culture nuggets to snack on in the latest edition of Pop Luck Dinner!

About the PODCAST:

The frequency for all things POP CULTURE and the DISRUPTORS behind it.

Hosted by industry veterans Michael Dolce & Hassan Godwin, Rogue Wav is the flagship podcast of the Rogue Matter Podcast Network.

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Michael Dolce has been a professional writer, artist, podcaster and awesome dude in the industry for over 15 years. He co-created Descendant through Image Comics, The Mainstream through Zenescope, and continues his creator-owned flagship superhero book The Sire on Kickstarter. His new series, The Time Trader is coming in February 2021 from Rogue Matter. He has also written for various companies like Wizard Magazine, Zenescope and AMNY.

When he’s not creating comics, he’s hosting the hit Pop Culture podcast The Rogue Wav Podcast for Rogue Matter, available on all major podcasting apps and streaming networks, Rogue Wav talks Comics, Movies TV and Pop Culture with the Rogue’s who create them, every Wednesday night 8pm ET via Facebook before becoming available on all major podcasting apps.

In 2019, Dolce announced the creation of Sire Studios, a multi-genre IP Production Company. In 2020, he announced a partnership with Rogue Matter as the head of their podcast network and collaborating on new IPs.