MacBryde & Grum #2

MacBryde & Grum #2


In the enthralling issue #2 of MacBryde and Grum, Grum confronts the shadows of his past—his daunting mission against the Magickals on his home planet. Jolted from his thoughts, Grum joins Angus in unraveling a mystery tied to the elusive Loughlin White and his family. 

Firey events surround Loughlin’s iconic ‘White House’ mansion, catapulting the stakes to new heights and weaving a web of intrigue that will leave you breathless.

Writer – Steven Hoveke
Art – Andres Barrero
Colors – Michael Oppenheimer
Letters – Troy Peteri, A Larger World Studios

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For his entire career, Dan Robbo has sung the songs the labels wrote, starred in the movies the studios produced, and assassinated the dictators the CIA wanted dead. After crossing paths with the most powerful man in the world-if he's going to survive-he's going to have to do things his way. Writer: Jason Sterr Cover Art: Steve Rude & Simon Fraser Interior Art: Yosam Cardenas Letters By: Greg Sorkin Book Design By Phil Smith
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