Seila Fire: Exile

Seila Fire: Exile


Earth is dying, and humanity’s only hope is using an alien portal technology they don’t fully understand to send a handful of people, chosen through a lottery, to a new planet across the galaxy—but they do so with no idea where the travelers will land…nor with their consent.

Writer: James Mascia
Cover Art: Hassan Godwin
Logo and Book Design: Phil Smith

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For his entire career, Dan Robbo has sung the songs the labels wrote, starred in the movies the studios produced, and assassinated the dictators the CIA wanted dead. After crossing paths with the most powerful man in the world-if he's going to survive-he's going to have to do things his way. Writer: Jason Sterr Cover Art: Steve Rude & Simon Fraser Interior Art: Yosam Cardenas Letters By: Greg Sorkin Book Design By Phil Smith
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