Kingdom of Tundo #1

Kingdom of Tundo #1



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The Kingdom of Tundo is the last bastion of magic in the world of Mayi, but the land is dying, and only the last scion of the Dula bloodline can save it. Bunao Dula returns to the land his father ruled centuries ago as he tries to redeem it from the chaos of the Shadows, the corruptors of humankind. Together with Myth-folk allies, he tries to unite Tundo and revive it to the glory that it once was. This is epic fantasy, Filipino style.

Written, Illustrated and Created by M. A. Del Rosrio
Design: Phil Smith

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For his entire career, Dan Robbo has sung the songs the labels wrote, starred in the movies the studios produced, and assassinated the dictators the CIA wanted dead. After crossing paths with the most powerful man in the world-if he's going to survive-he's going to have to do things his way. Writer: Jason Sterr Cover Art: Steve Rude & Simon Fraser Interior Art: Yosam Cardenas Letters By: Greg Sorkin Book Design By Phil Smith
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