The Watchers Book 2: Hidden Fire

The Watchers Book 2: Hidden Fire


In the enthralling sequel “Hidden Fire,” Deirdra Eden continues the saga of Auriella, now a royal protector whose life teeters on the edge of chaos. Ignored by a king more concerned with politics than impending danger, she is thrust into a world where her warnings of the Shadow Legion’s invasion fall on deaf ears. Amidst royal plots, Auriella grapples with the shadows of her past and the arrival of new Watchers, including a captivating Scottish warrior whose presence challenges her in unexpected ways. As her emotional defenses are besieged, Auriella finds herself ensnared in a web of secrecy, betrayal, and a struggle to wield the devastating power of Starfire.

The world’s fate hangs in the balance as Auriella faces a harrowing truth and a decision that could lead her to her destiny as the fabled Lady of Neviah or plunge the world into eternal darkness. “Hidden Fire” is an exhilarating blend of action, romance, drama, and comedy, weaving a tale of a young girl’s remarkable journey amidst supernatural forces and ancient prophecies. Based on the rich mythology of theological texts, including the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Kabbalah, this installment of “The Watchers” series is a captivating read that resonates with the epic scale of Braveheart and the mystical allure of Supernatural.

Writer: Deirdra Eden
Book Design: Phil Smith

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