Ketcher: Origins #2

Ketcher: Origins #2


Morocco’s shadows hold secrets in ‘Ketcher: Origins’ Issue #2. 

In the compelling second chapter of “Ketcher,” bonds of friendship and loyalty develop and then face severe tests. When a mysterious stranger upends Ketcher’s world, it’s a gut punch that sets him on a dark path. Doc, caught in the deadly dance of rival gangs, makes a fatal error despite his promise to Erica.

A quest for vengeance turns brutal, but there’s a twist – a staged demise, a cunning plan by Ketcher. What’s real, what’s deception? Dive into the gritty underbelly of betrayal and loyalty.

Author – Mark Kaufman
Inks – Greg Scott & Heru Djalal
Colors – Annette Kwok
Letters – Nick Acosta


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