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About The EPISODE:

We are just WEEKS away from the season premiere of the Mandalorian and Disney was kind enough to offer up a SECOND TEASER! We give it the Truth or Trash treatment and offer up as many EASTER EGGS as we could find!

PLUS: She-Hulk No More! Tatiana Maslany denies being cast in She-Hulk. Meanwhile SONY denies the Tobey Maguire/Andrew Garfield Rumors. What do you make of the situation? Has this all been a miscommunication or do you think there’s another reason why Tatiana Maslany and SONY seemingly won’t be cast?

AND: Just in time for Halloween this month! We welcome the stars of the new horror movie “6:45” Augie Duke, Michel Reed and Jordan Elizabeth Gelber to the show to talk about the Crag Singer directed flick.

About the PODCAST:

We talk Comics, Movies, TV & Pop Culture and the Rogue’s who create them every Wednesday night 8pm ET on Facebook.com/roguewavpodcast.

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