What Does Button Smash Mean? The term ‘button smashing’ refers to the motion of rapidly clicking or “smashing” the buttons on a game controller.

The Very First Video Game Was: Pong. Released in 1958, Pong was created by Physicist William Higinbotham and is similar to the popular 1970s game Pong. 

The Best Place For Gamers Right Now? Twitch! The online streaming platform first launched in 2011 and has given way to the biggest streamers today – Dr. Disrespect, Ninja, Pokimane, and more!

Meet: Button ‘Stache — Err, or is it Button Smash? While we’ll never hate on a well-groomed, manly mustache, the Button Smash is your frequency for all things video games, including new releases, pop culture influences, industry news, and more. 

So, who’s the epic duo that hosts the popular gaming podcast?

Say hello to “The BadCoyote” himself, Sergio. The geek culture enthusiast, Twitch streamer, and gamer is the Founder and host of Button Smash. All it took was a trip to daycare, a Nintendo System, and the epic classic, “Duck Hunt,” for this ‘90’s kid to fall in love with the world of gaming.

“Booster” Greg is also a Twitch streamer and co-host of the weekly podcast alongside BadCoyote. When he was just a little tike, his grandfather gave him a gift that would impact his life forever: a Nintendo Entertainment System. And the rest..well, it’s history. At the top of his list of favorites: narrative-based games, cinematic action & adventures, horror, and indie games. 

Geeks talking video games? We know you want in. Check out our livestream every Thursday night at 9 PM ET on twitch.tv/weareroguematter.