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Really? Tell Me More!

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Artist: An Awesome Rogue Artist

Let’s face it, everyone who has been a success in the creative fields started somewhere. They got a break. A helping hand. Someone to first believe in them. To guide and nurture them on their journey as artists and creators.
We want to do that for you.
Everyone at this company, at the beginnings of their careers, needed a jumping-off point.  A place where they could learn and grow and share their talents with the world.  Rogue Matter was created to give new and exciting talent an opportunity to show their stuff to their first major audience.  But we’re not just looking for talent.  We’re looking for ROGUES, people who color outside the lines, think outside the box, and challenge the status quo.  Whatever your art is we want it.
So if you have a comic book or a graphic novel or a short film or a podcast that you think can move audiences, make a splash, make a difference, let us help you.  Let us be your first champions. Your first editors. Your first collaborators. Let us be your home. And together, let’s change what entertainment can do.

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