This place has been built by people exactly like you.   
We’re collecting and presenting the greatest, weirdest, most compelling stories you’ll find. Across topics and genres. So, no matter what you’re into we have a title that will open your eyes and change how you see the world.  
But we know you don’t just consume the things you love – you want to be an active participant in the success of the stories and creators that matter the most to you.  
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This place has been built by people exactly like you.   
People who make things they love and love the things they make. People who want to see their creations come to life through the energy of an engaged fanbase.  
We know what it’s like, and we believe great stories and unique voices deserve a chance to thrive. Coming from outside the entertainment industry shouldn’t be an insurmountable obstacle to success in the entertainment industry. So, we’re here to partner with passionate creators to build a bridge to opportunities and success with fans, studios, and brands.   
We believe your audience is out there and we’ll help you find it and grow it. Then use that foundation to expand further into production, promotion, and branded partnerships.  
But we’re not an online gallery or someplace where you can just dump a drawing or story you think might have some potential. Our editorial team, comprised of experienced and discerning industry professionals, will be vetting every submission and are serious about findings partners with material that can grow the studio.  
If you make the cut it’s because you are an elite level creator and we see a future working with you.  
Become a Rogue. We’re experts at bringing talent together to create amazing things – often from opposite ends of the globe.