Video Game Podcast Hosts2021-09-22T12:31:30-04:00

Video Game Podcast Hosts

Podcast Host

For “Button Smash” | 🌐  Remote

About Button Smash

Geeks talking video games like we’re still popping quarters at the Arcade. Hot takes and raw opinions welcome.

Who We’re Looking For

A host (or two) with an affection and knowledge for video games.

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Creative Writer (Prose)2021-09-21T21:02:02-04:00

Creative Writer (Prose)

Creative Writer

For “Key to the City” | 🌐  Remote

About Key to the City

Each morning Andy wakes up in a different body. One day they’re a stockbroker in Manhattan, the next they’re a high schooler in the Bronx. Think of Andy as the soul or embodiment of New York City.

Andy can be young, old, any ethnicity, male or female – each new day brings a new story and experience. Andy doesn’t know their origin or how they manifested into being, but they’re driven by an inexplicable pull to help others. Andy has 24 hours in each story to uncover their “mission” and piece together clues that point them towards the purpose of being in this new body.

Check out our Pitch Doc to learn more.

Who We’re Looking For

New York City aficionados and Creative Writers to contribute to our anthology series. These short stories are about 10-15 pages in length.

What We’re Looking For

From dramas to thrillers to feel-good storylines, we’re looking for original and creative story ideas for a day in the life of Andy. We want writers who can paint a picture with their words and truly bring the sights, sounds, and smells of New York City to life.

Help us tell stories of love and loss, humor and hope, as well as showcase what makes NYC truly remarkable. Pitches may be submitted in written format or verbally via audio file. Please limit audio time to two minutes max.

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Writer Wanted for Gabby Goes to College2021-03-25T11:17:29-04:00

Writer Wanted for Gabby Goes to College

Who We’re Looking For: A writer for a Graphic or Illustrated Novel. Inspired to explore a different format? Trust your gut and Go Rogue by pitching us your format idea. 

The Story:

Gabriella De La Vega is your everyday 18-year-old about to head off to college. Except for one small detail – her body becomes inhabited by the Aztec God of Death’s wife, who has grown bored of both her marriage and ruling the underworld. In her new body, “Gabby” is about to have a college experience like no other. Meanwhile, the soul of the real Gabby is trapped in the underworld. Will she have the strength to reclaim her body in time for midterms?

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Curiosity Piqued?

Submit an outline of your pitch / story idea. Let your creativity run wild – there are no rules or restrictions when it comes to concepts or formats. You don’t need to start at the beginning of her tale, simply give us a compelling story. Pitches may be submitted in written format or verbally via audio file (please limit audio time to two minutes max).

We’re passionate about the power of ideas and their ability to ignite the human spirit. We are looking for Rogue talent that is Prince-level special. Freddy Mercury special. If this sounds like you, we can’t wait to see your work.

Pay Range: Based on Experience.

Questions or Comments: do you have questions or need clarification regarding this job post? If so, please post a comment (LINK) below and we will respond within 24 hours.

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