Enabling Creatives to Chart the Future

Help us empower the next generation of rogue artists by giving them a platform to share their work and change the cultural landscape.

At Rogue Matter, we’re constantly on the hunt for innovative, fearless talent. Our studio is looking for the artists and creators who challenge the status quo and produce original, outside-the-box content — people like John Lennon, David Bowie, and Frida Kahlo. We’re talking about Lady Gaga-level special.

We created the Rogue Voices Project as a way to enable the next generation of iconic artists to share their fresh insights, raw ideas, and cutting-edge perspectives with fans like you. 100% of every single penny collected by RVP is used for one sole purpose: to fund and help these rogue artists create and share their content with people from around the globe.

Above all, our goal is to empower the Lucille Ball’s and the Freddie Mercury’s of the world to make their voices heard – and bring their vision to life through quality content and storytelling. Whether it’s a science-fiction writer we discovered in Brazil, an Indonesian artist with a thought-provoking aesthetic, or a local creator who engages the imagination and transports you to another world — we want you to back the projects and artists who challenge your point of view and generate content you simply can’t live without.

By joining us, you will help us to continue our mission of developing content that encourages diverse voices, embraces the rebellious spirit, and breaks through antiquated barriers. Imagine being responsible for lifting up the next Banksy?

How Does Participating in the Rogue Voices Project Benefit You?

You’ll get to consume exceptional, off-the-beaten-track entertainment, and join a group of people ushering in new trailblazers, brilliant minds & binge-worthy content. This is an opportunity to join us in our quest to support creators by providing them with a platform to showcase original content and connect with their community. What’s more, as a fan and supporter, you’ll enjoy exclusive perks — from live Q&A sessions with creators to signed artwork to Rogue swag.

Behind-the-scenes access, special perks, and fresh, cutting-edge content that’s both entertaining and gratifying? Need we say more? Help us pave a new pathway for art by joining the Rogue Voices Project today.