Kingdom of Tundo #3

Kingdom of Tundo #3


Bunao’s poetic and emotional journey in Tundo’s mystical landscape unfolds a tale of dark temptation and celestial intervention. Bunao stands at the precipice of darkness, his soul teetering on the edge as he seeks revenge against his brothers. Should Bunao sacrifice his soul for vengeance, the entire Kingdom of Tundo would face the threat of corruption by the shadows’ insidious magic.

Returning to Tundo’s scarred lands, Bunao grapples with a forgotten past, while The Oracle’s revelation and a poignant flashback hint at concealed ties. The delicate balance of mercy and retribution looms large, and a cryptic inquiry adds a layer of mystery. Will Bunao’s choices illuminate the path to Tundo’s salvation, or will darkness prevail? The saga’s heart beats within these pages, offering a journey of discovery and the true cost of legacy.

Written, Illustrated, and Created by M. A. Del Rosario
Design: Phil Smith
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For his entire career, Dan Robbo has sung the songs the labels wrote, starred in the movies the studios produced, and assassinated the dictators the CIA wanted dead. After crossing paths with the most powerful man in the world-if he's going to survive-he's going to have to do things his way. Writer: Jason Sterr Cover Art: Steve Rude & Simon Fraser Interior Art: Yosam Cardenas Letters By: Greg Sorkin Book Design By Phil Smith
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