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Space Guys In Space

About the Show: Carl and Stew are the last surviving members of the human race — just two guys stuck in a broken-down escape pod, with no engines and only basic life support, drifting listlessly through the galaxy. Forced to co-habitate until rescued or (more likely) dead, our two heroes subsist solely on a diet of pizza and beer (harvested conveniently from a wormhole inside the ship) and spend most of their time trying not to die of unnatural causes, or boredom.

Content & Consequences2023-07-25T15:15:04-04:00

Content & Consequences

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About the PODCAST:

‘Content and Consequences’ focuses on creators who blur the lines between producer, writer, director, and actor. Featuring live readings of pilot extracts and interviews with successful creatives, this podcast explores the process and aftermath of developing content. To showcase what we learn from celebrating our failures and overcoming obstacles.

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Rogue Wav

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About the PODCAST: We talk Comics, Movies, TV & Pop Culture with the Rogue’s who create them every Wednesday night 8pm ET on Join our livestream and offer YOUR opinions on the hottest pop culture topics and guests of the week.

Download our podcast immediately following the livestream on all major podcasting apps. Search Rogue Wav Podcast or go to to subscribe on Apple podcasts.

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Michael Dolce has been a professional writer, artist, podcaster and awesome dude in the industry for over 15 years. He co-created Descendant through Image Comics, The Mainstream through Zenescope, and continues his creator-owned flagship superhero book The Sire on Kickstarter. His new series, The Time Trader is coming in February 2021 from Rogue Matter. He has also written for various companies like Wizard Magazine, Zenescope and AMNY.

When he’s not creating comics, he’s hosting the hit Pop Culture podcast The Rogue Wav Podcast for Rogue Matter, available on all major podcasting apps and streaming networks, Rogue Wav talks Comics, Movies TV and Pop Culture with the Rogue’s who create them, every Wednesday night 8pm ET via Facebook before becoming available on all major podcasting apps.

In 2019, Dolce announced the creation of Sire Studios, a multi-genre IP Production Company. In 2020, he announced a partnership with Rogue Matter as the head of their podcast network and collaborating on new IPs.


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Button Smash

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Geeks talking video games like we’re still popping quarters at the Arcade. Hot takes and raw opinions welcome.

Hosted by The BadCoyote Sergio & Booster Greg

About the PODCAST: We talk about the video game industry, from new releases, pop culture influences, latest news, reviews, and more!

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