Andy’s Reaction to Meeting Flash in the body of NYC Firefighter, Reid? Sigh. It’s not DC Comics’ beloved superhero…it’s a purr-fect little troublemaker. Meow.

To Charge or Not to Charge Into a Burning Building? I guess “flustered” and “puzzled” look good on Andy too. 

New Body, Who Dis? One thing’s for certain, Andy’s time as Reid will forever be etched into their heart.

What does a catnip-loving kitty, FDNY firefighter, and a relic from the past have in common? They’re all part of Andy’s mission as Reid in our next installment of Key to the City. Speaking about the story, writer Kelly Kantrowitz shares: “I wanted to paint a vivid picture of New York City living – the diversity, fast-paced lifestyle, the cobblestone streets of Greenwich Village – and couple that with a feel-good story readers would not only enjoy, but learn about a crucial piece of human history.”

What to expect in Chapter Five: When Andy realizes that the day’s mission as a firefighter revolves around saving a beloved pet, it seems that something may be off—but sometimes, small, hidden secrets can reveal great truths and be the catalyst for great inspiration.

Check out the latest chapter of our Key to the City series – out now!

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