Broken knuckles, bloody noses, and bad guys? Just another day in the life of Markum.

They say don’t rush things. This couldn’t be truer than for Markum in part two.

A trustworthy friend? Certainly not someone who moonlights as an assassin.

Markum, a bare-knuckle brawler in Morocco, begrudgingly accepts an offer from Doc to manage his fighting career as a means to get out of the country more quickly.

Meanwhile, Doc, a hard-luck gambler who moonlights as an assassin, has plans of his own to escape the country. Unfortunately, he brings down tragedy on both of them when his plans include building his funds by playing both sides of a turf war between local drug lords.

How is Markum going to get out of this new sticky situation? Find out on Wednesday, February 10th, when we release Part Two of Marking Markum.

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