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Markum, a bare-knuckle brawler in Morocco, begrudgingly accepts an offer from Doc to manage his fighting career as a means to get out of the country more quickly. Meanwhile, Doc, a hard-luck gambler who moonlights as an assassin, has plans of his own to escape the country. Unfortunately, he brings down tragedy on both of them when his plans include building his funds by playing both sides of a turf war between local drug lords.

Author – Mark Kaufman
Pencils & Inks – Greg Scott & Heru Djalal
Colors – Annette Kwok
Letters – Nick Acosta

About Making Markum

When Doc, an assassin and hard-luck gambler, wagers his last few bucks on a Markum, a bare-knuckle brawler who fights out of a dingy basement in Morocco, the bet pays off in more ways than one, leading Doc to make Markum an offer that will take his violent lifestyle to the next level.