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Hollow Mark #5

In a cabin in the middle of a Norwegian forest, Markum is ambushed by Section Eight, an elite Black Ops team. Markum must use all of his skills and cunning if he is to get out of the cabin alive.

Hollow Mark #4

Markum arrives in Cape Town, South Africa, in search of the Sicilian, a second assassin who also had Adelaide in his sights in Hawaii. It should be a straightforward job, but then an old friend drops a bombshell that will turn Markum’s world upside down

Hollow Mark #3

In the race to track down Adelaide’s killer, Markum finds himself in a Nashville jazz bar facing off against the Composer; a man who always has piano wire in his pocket. It all goes to plan until, at the final moment, Markum discovers that Adelaide was not who he thought she was.

Hollow Mark #2

Under the guise of training for the Boston marathon, Markum goes up against a pair of elite snipers, Jack and Diane, in a deadly game of cat and mouse to find one more clue about the murderer of the love of his life.

Hollow Mark #1

In the silence of his empty home, Markum awaits the arrival of Ullr, the Bowman; one of the most skilled archers in the assassin world. By the end of the day Markum will know for sure if the Bowman killed Adelaide. And one of them will be dead.

Hollow Mark – Prologue

On a balmy Hawaiian night, Markum - an internationally renowned and feared assassin - discovers that the love of his life has been brutally murdered by an unknown assailant. In order to find her killer, Markum will use the most effective bait he has: himself.

Key to the City #7 – Ally

When Andy wakes in the body of Ally, a young barista/actress, the mission is not immediately clear. After a series of confusing messages, Andy learns that one of Ally's friends is in mortal danger... but she is also missing, and Andy may very well be out of time.

Key To The City #1 – Marilyn

We meet Andy waking in the body of Marilyn Moretti, a talent agent from LA who is visiting New York. Tasked with finding their day's mission around a Broadway performance, Andy is reminded of the past and a tragic loss that still reverberates today. But the clock is ticking and Andy is determined not to fail again.

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