Andy has some rules for body hopping: Always take the medication your host body needs.

Being in shape has its advantages. Andy has been everyone and anyone, but it’s on days like this that they woke up in the body of a guy who lifts.

Every day’s objective is to save a person. But, in Chapter Six, Andy may have a chance to save two.

Andy is the ultimate renter. Every day they wake up in a different body. And just because they move on the next day doesn’t mean that that body doesn’t have a person living inside of it. Long story short, Andy has to make sure they leave the body in the same condition they found the body in.

In Chapter Six, Andy must leap into action to save a young woman’s life. In what seems like an easy win, juggling a day’s mission seems more complicated than previously intended. Can Andy save one life, let alone two?

Check out our latest Key to the City chapter to find out!

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